Discover the Dining Culture of Victorville in These 4 Local Spots

Victorville, California is a historical destination for many as it is a stop along the famous Route 66. This small city is located in Victor Valley in San Bernardino County, California. 

With a starting population of 8,110 and a land area of 9.7 square miles, Victorville became an incorporated general law city in San Bernardino County and even though the city of Victorville wasn’t officially incorporated until 1962 – It was originally founded and named in 1885; being named “Victor” after Jacob Nash Victor, who played a prominent role in constructing the California Southern Railroad, and the community was established.

Perhaps one of the best things about this city is the range of food chains and restaurants. This post shows you some delicious places near the Holiday Inn Victorville hotel where you can get a great meal and experience Victorville’s history and culture.

Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café

Originally built and opened by Bob and Kate Holland in 1947, this local historical café has been a favorite stop for travelers driving along Route 66 or residents nearby. Bought by Richard Gentry in 1979 after being a regular customer as a cement truck driver since the cafe’s opening, renamed the café after his wife Emma Jean, solidifying its new name “Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café”. Although Richard and Emma Jean have passed away, their son Brian follows in their footsteps by managing the café with his wife Shawna. 

Emma Jean’s Holland Burger Café
Photo by: Christopher Cook, Google Images 

Fun Fact: This café was featured on “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives” and Guy Fieri raved about their biscuits and gravy!

Directions: 17143 N D St, Victorville, CA 92394

Steer ‘n Stein

Founded in 1967 originally in Huntington Beach, California – has since branched out into locations throughout southern California, like Victorville. Their five-star quality meals will keep you wanting to come back for more or at the very least, heat up your leftovers in your hotel room only a couple of hours after you thought you were way too full.

Steer 'n Stein
Photo by: OzTinman, Google Images 

Tip: In addition to their tasty steaks, customers have also recommended their fried zucchini, onion rings, and rice pilaf!

Directions: 12224 Mariposa Rd, Victorville, CA 92395

Chateau Chang

If you’re looking for some fine dining on your trip, make sure to stop in Chateau Chang to give you a top-tier fine dining experience. Established in 1988, this restaurant specializes in elegant land and sea dining experience all within Victorville, California!

Chateau Chang
Photo By: Chateau Chang, Facebook

Tip: Enjoy this time with your family, friends, or someone special. Service here is neither fast nor slow so you get to enjoy your guests’ presence and their live music!

Directions: 15425 Anacapa Rd, Victorville, CA 92392

Molly Brown’s Country Café

Serving locals and travelers for over 20 years and the staff at Molly Brown’s Country Café say they pride themselves on three things; the quality of our food, exceptionally good prices, and the service of our friendly staff. Labeled the “Best Breakfast” by high desert residents, this special café continues to offer a warm and friendly hug with its menu, every time you walk in. 

Molly Brown's Country Café
Photo By: Dennis Frye, Google Photos

Tip: They give generous portions, be sure to bring your hungry tummies! Try their signature hobo skillet or stuffed french toast with blueberries and cream cheese.

Directions: 15775 Mojave Dr, Victorville, CA 92394

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